Travis Napier

Travis Napier is a recording artist and singer/songwriter. While serving 8 years in prison, Travis was able to develop a style of music that is truly in a class of its own. His music, by its very definition, is outlaw.   With influences like Waylon Jennings and Tom Petty, Travis draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical stylings. Some of his songs are traditional country, rock,  alternative, or even have a bluegrass or rockabilly feel. His music cannot fit inside the boundaries of traditional genres.

He is simply a musician with a story to tell. Each song is, in itself, a work of art inspired by heartaches and high points, by wins and losses, struggles and achievements.  Travis has an undeniable energy in his music and a passion that commands listeners to share in these experiences as he performs.  His songs have been described as”too real” by some. Travis has experienced the effects of the opioid epidemic in Appalachia first hand. The Pain that addicts inflict upon themselves and their loved ones is immeasurable. The shame and guilt. The lost time. But, This pain is the binding of his pages,  the force that drives him, reminds him, and inspires him.  Fans of all genres are sure to enjoy this music

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