Deep South

Over four decades ago, a unique blend of talent came together in the form of Phillip Mobley, Bill Ed Mobley, Steve Mobley, Robert Moore, and Mike Campbell. Together, they formed a band that captivated audiences in their high school years, becoming a local sensation. However, the pursuit of higher education led them on different paths, causing a temporary hiatus for the band.

In a twist of fate, the year 2021 saw these prodigal musicians reunite, striking the same harmonious chords they once did, as if time had stood still. Their synergy remained untouched and their melodies flowed as naturally as they had all those years ago.

Deep South, as the band is known, performs a select few shows annually, preserving the exclusivity and anticipation of their performances. Over time, they have once again found themselves in the warm embrace of local fandom, recreating their earlier glory and proving that true talent, like fine wine, only gets better with time.

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