Creed Fisher

Creed Fisher, country music’s cherished renegade, fearlessly calls out the status quo and infuses an unabashed dose of fun into his album ‘Rebel in the South.’ “It has a distinctive flavor of rock country, a departure from the honky-tonk twang of ‘Whiskey and the Dog’,” Fisher explains, characterizing the unique essence of the album. In other words, if ‘Whiskey and the Dog’ echoed the soulful strains of Merle Haggard and ballad-driven narratives, ‘Rebel in the South’ shifts gears towards a Brantley Gilbert vibe, resonating with the high-energy beats of country rock.

Apart from celebrating the blue-collar ethos, patriotism, and the joy of simple pleasures, hallmarks of Fisher’s music, this record also serves an audacious jab at the mainstream country music establishment’s hypocrisy. Fisher understands the importance of timing. He asserts, “This album is the ideal platform to voice my thoughts. Had I done it three or four albums earlier, they wouldn’t have taken notice.” He’s convinced the music and messages on ‘Rebel in the South’ will resonate with listeners, affirming, “They’re definitely going to hear this.”

Fisher attributes the overall tenor of ‘Rebel in the South’ to the song “Cuz I’m Country,” which sets the tone as the album’s first single. “My friend sent me this song for co-writing, and I immediately felt, ‘This song is about us!’” Everything seamlessly fell into place, culminating in a production that not only met but also exceeded his own high expectations.

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