Corduroy Brown

Corduroy Brown is an indie pop artist whose music is a vibrant collage of catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a touch of retro charm. Based in Charleston, West Virginia, Corduroy infuses his sound with a blend of classic pop sensibilities and modern indie flair, creating tracks that feel both nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary. His stage name, as distinctive as his music, reflects his unique style and playful approach to songwriting.

Corduroy’s songs are known for their lyrical cleverness and emotional depth, addressing themes of love, self-discovery, and the quirks of everyday life. His voice, clear and expressive, perfectly complements his instrumentation, which often features a mix of jangly guitars, synths, and steady beats. Whether performing solo or backed by a full band, Corduroy Brown delivers performances that are energetic, engaging, and deeply personal. As he continues to rise in the indie music scene, his blend of infectious rhythms and genuine storytelling captures the hearts of listeners around the globe.

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