Cody Lee Meece and The Poor Excuses

Cody is a songwriter and composer from Somerset, KY. He spent the majority of his teenage years rambling from couch to couch. At 18, he took a Greyhound bus to Nashville, Tennessee only to find himself living on the streets for four months in pursuit of his dreams. After a short stint back home he hit the road again, spending time bouncing around Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

During his travels he picked up different flavors and styles of songwriting and storytelling. He has developed a deep, earthy, intimate and very vulnerable writing style. Scars and tattoos tell his story of a life spent on the run in the dark places, only to come out clean and wise.

A friend once quoted “Cody Lee makes the kind of music that doesn’t make Waylon roll over in his grave” We would have to agree. Cody most recently received the 2021 Lexi Award for Album of the Year.

Cody will have you tapping your feet one minute, and ripping your heart our the next!!

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