Bek and the Starlight Revue

Bek’s musical journey was nurtured and flourished within the comforting walls of a quaint Methodist Church, nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Over the last decade, her captivating voice and emotive lyrics have graced the stages alongside bands such as Kevin & Bek and Second Street Revival, solidifying her place in the music world.

In partnership with the talented Kevin Harmon, a longtime co-creator in the realm of songwriting, Bek has crafted soul-stirring narratives about life, love, and heartache. These honest and poignant songs stem from her genuine life experiences, having been raised amidst the rich traditions and stark realities of the Bible Belt.

Together with her husband, Tim Smallwood, they form the backbone of Bek and the Starlight Revue. This vibrant ensemble is equally adept at delivering both reverb-drenched rock ‘n roll that makes your heart pulse and Sunday morning soul that soothes the spirit. From reflective serenades to electrifying anthems, their versatility truly knows no bounds.

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