Tim Goodin

Rooted deeply in the hills of Appalachia, Tim is a self-taught musician and songwriter who paints vivid lyrical portraits of the life he’s lived. With his origins traced back to the coal mines of East Kentucky and the sand and gravel pits of Central Alabama, his music pulsates with the essence of a blue-collar ethos that’s profoundly authentic.

Raised in a hard-working, middle-class family, his father a seasoned Heavy Equipment Mechanic and his mother a dedicated Food Service Director at Pineville Independent Schools, Tim’s early life was steeped in resilience and determination. His earliest forays into the workforce led him down the familiar path of his forebears into the unforgiving depths of the coal industry. Amidst the grueling labor, an artist emerged as Tim began to transform the stories of his co-workers into evocative songs. His unreleased track, “Hard Work and Misery,” is a raw testament to these experiences.

“When people ask me where my song ideas originate, I tell them to listen closely,” Tim explains. “Our unique culture resounds with unspoken melodies. Every conversation carries the potential for a song.”

In his debut EP, “Son of Appalachia,” Tim weaves together five original tracks co-authored with his wife, Leanna. Released independently with no promotional budget, the album soared to #8 on the Billboard Bluegrass Albums chart and #11 on the iTunes Top 200 Country Albums chart, maintaining a strong presence on iTunes for an impressive 14 weeks.

Tim’s grounded, grassroots approach to his craft, coupled with an expanding social media following, marks him as an emerging talent poised to reshape the musical landscape.

Guided by his manager Jason, 2022 has been a groundbreaking year for Tim. His performances have electrified audiences across the Eastern US, culminating in the honor of closing the fall segment of The Steel Woods National tour. Playing as their direct support for eight dates, Tim won the hearts of new fans and the respect of fellow artists.

The year 2023 is already shaping up to be an exciting chapter in Tim’s journey. His first full-length album, featuring an array of highly respected musicians, is slated for release in early spring. Fans can also anticipate an expansive tour schedule with dates being added regularly. As he prepares to hit the road, Tim eagerly awaits the opportunity to connect with audiences nationwide through his heartfelt music.

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