No Deceit

Emerging from the very heart of Kentucky, No Deceit is the authentic voice of country music’s roots, echoing the rich, homegrown vibe of its backwoods origins. This talented ensemble, composed of Allison Stafford, Michael Bradshaw, and Eric Scott, fuses elements of rock, soul, and blues to craft a distinctive sound unlike any other. More than just a band, No Deceit knows the art of galvanizing audiences into a foot-stomping frenzy, while also possessing the ability to strike the deepest emotional chords. Since their inception in 2011, they have journeyed across America, infusing every performance with a touch of Kentucky Country.

Currently, No Deceit is immersed in the creative process for their eagerly awaited third release, with the debut date yet to be finalized. Their maiden EP, “Bar Band,” unveiled in 2017, offers an eclectic mix of tunes. From foot-tapping anthems like “Smoked Myself Into a Dream” and “Bar Band” to reflective ballads like “The Things I Left You For” and “Remedy,” each track invites listeners on a unique emotional journey. Their earlier triumph was the release of their debut single “Harlan Bridge” in 2015, which reigned at the #1 spot for four consecutive weeks on the Trending Outlaw Country Charts. No Deceit has also shared the stage with prominent artists such as Colin Raye, Blackhawk, and Trick Pony, to name a few.

So why not come and witness the buzz around No Deceit for yourself? Be part of their captivating performances and join the journey they are so passionate about. Looking forward to seeing y’all down the road!

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