Luna and the Mountain Jets

Imagine being “A Pepsi Girl in a Coca Cola town,” and you’ll grasp the essence of Luna from Luna and the Mountain Jets. Unlike her eight siblings, much to her mother’s bemusement, Luna carved a distinctive path for herself. Born and raised in the humble town of Martha, Kentucky, her father eked out a living in the oil industry while her mother tended to their home. Financial constraints may have limited their travel and experiences, but Luna found escape and inspiration in the music that emanated from her AM radio and the television shows like Friday Night Special and Band Stand.

The lengthy bus rides to school were transformed into concerts on wheels, with Luna and her friends singing songs to pass the time. This love for singing not only endured but flourished into her adult life. After years of performing in clubs and at fairs, Luna was invited by renowned country artist Tyler Childers to perform her song, “That Thing You Said,” on stage with him at the iconic Ryman Auditorium in February 2020. The opportunity to open for Childers at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado in September 2022 further solidifies her standing in the music industry.

Luna’s music is deeply intertwined with her life’s stories and experiences, lending authenticity to her sound. She dubs it “Appalachian Rock,” a rich tapestry of folkloric tales set to the pulsating beats of rock and roll drums and the strumming of guitars. Luna is a captivating blend of contrast and harmony, a testament to her unique journey and musical prowess.

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