Hogslop String Band

The Hogslop String Band is a vibrant ensemble that has brought new life to the old-time string band tradition. Originating from Nashville, Tennessee, this group of spirited musicians delivers an uproarious blend of country, bluegrass, and Southern folk music, infused with a rowdy, infectious energy. Known for their fiddle-driven tunes, banjo twangs, and stand-up bass thumps, Hogslop creates an atmosphere that feels like a back-porch jam session expanded to the main stage.

Their performances are a mix of skilled musicianship and theatrical antics, featuring lively foot-stomping music that compels audiences to dance and holler along. Whether they’re playing at a dusty barn dance or a large festival, the Hogslop String Band embodies the communal spirit of traditional Appalachian music while adding their own humorous twist, making each performance a unique and memorable experience. With their charismatic stage presence and undeniable musical chops, the Hogslop String Band continues to charm and entertain fans across the country.

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