Cole Chaney

Hailing from Boyd County, KY, the talented Chaney has since planted his roots in Lexington, poised to be the next sensational breakout from Kentucky’s vibrant music scene. At the youthful age of 21, Chaney’s discography might be modest, but it’s already graced with an album that’s nothing short of a masterpiece, demonstrating a depth of wisdom that transcends his years.

His debut album, ‘Mercy,’ released in 2021, is a captivating anthology of twelve tracks, each a distinctive anthem of Eastern Kentucky’s blue-collar resilience. Each song shines a spotlight on Chaney’s remarkable talent for lyricism and storytelling, beautifully capturing the essence of his roots.

Before the release of ‘Mercy,’ Chaney’s name was relatively unknown in the music industry. But with this standout debut, his star has skyrocketed, propelling him to rapid popularity. His compelling sound and authentic narratives have attracted a rapidly growing fan base, eagerly anticipating his next musical venture. Indeed, Chaney is a name to watch, a rising talent crafting the future of Kentucky’s music landscape.

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