Brett & Donnie

Introducing the dynamic duo hailing from Lexington, none other than Donnie Bowling and Brett Higgins!

Brett Higgins, an exceptional talent crowned as the Lexington Music Awards’ R&B and Rap Artist of the Year in 2021, is a passionate singer-songwriter renowned for his soulful renditions. On stage, there’s no such thing as half-measures with Brett; he consistently performs at full throttle, captivating audiences with his boundless energy and passion for music. The power of Brett’s performances can’t be merely described, it’s something that must be witnessed to fully comprehend the electrifying atmosphere he creates.

Donnie Bowling, on the other hand, is a prodigious indie rock and folk-rock songwriter, whose roots are deeply entwined with the hills of Eastern Kentucky. Crafting narratives about topics that resonate deeply within him, Donnie’s songs are a reflection of his innermost feelings, thereby carrying a raw honesty and introspective tone. His lyrics often serve as personal counsel, reinforcing his commitment to share essential life truths with his audience through his music. Together, Donnie and Brett create a musical synergy that is both unique and mesmerizing.

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